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Already at primary school, Voeten showed an interest at journalism, being the editor at the school paper. Over the years he moved on, publishing in major outlets such as Vanity Fair and Newsweek, but in the meantime never shunning small and independent publications.

Here you find a selection of his articles, photostories, reviews and more. The handwritten dispatches from the genocide in Rwanda, his notorious essay ‘Neo Vulturism in Contemporary Documentary Photography’, his latest work on Mexico, the many interview held with Voeten over time, his thought provoking opinion articles and much, much more.



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Over the years, Voeten has covered the conflicts in Angola, Liberia, Colombia, Gaza, Lebanon, Honduras, Iraq and Iran. He has won numerous awards for his work published in Vanity Fair, Newsweek, The New Yorker and National Geographic, among others. Voeten is also a contributing photographer for organizations such as the International Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, Human Rights Watch and the United Nations.

"Trained as an anthropologist, Voeten considers each shot scientifically, relying on simple, stark realism to capture humanity at its most exposed and most present. He acutely understands the ethical questions behind photographing humans at their most vulnerable, in the throes of loss and despair, sometimes even just moments before death. And, he says it is crucial to realize when one's work approaches the edge of voyeurism and exploitation, and to treat those moments with great respect and tasteful care."
--Brentney Hamilton in Dallas Observer (2012)

"Teun Voeten has found yet another frontier in the great American experiment - the one underground, in the tunnels of Manhattan - and delivered it to us in an utterly charming and fascinating account. Part anthropologist and part journalist, Voeten dwells in a unknown world that most of us simply pass by in a hurry. To fully know America, one most follow Voeten into her depths. There is much there to admire and, yes, to learn from"
--Sebastian Junger, bestselling author of "The Perfect Storm" and "War"

"Voeten is not someone who just poked his head in and squeaked, "hello?" into the darkness."
--Marc Singer, maker of the award winning tunnel documentary "Dark Days"

"The special thing about Teun Voeten’s photos is that they are linked to words. He is exceptional in his ability to express his knowledge, experiences and thoughts in writing, perhaps not applied specifically to particular photos, but associated with the things he experiences and which move him. In this way, the photos and words operate together. They create a world where the viewer and the reader seeks his way."
--Johan De Vos, Belgian Art Critic

"Voeten is no doubt one of the most adventurous reporters in the Netherlands"
--Vrij Nederland, NL

"Teun Voeten behoort tot de generatie jonge fotografen die in de traditie van 'human interest'- en reportagefotografie werkt. Hij is een eigenzinnige en gedreven freelancer. Zijn foto's getuigen van een diepgaande inleving in het onderwerp en van een persoonlijk betrokken visie op gebeurtenissen en mensen, of dit nu de 'tunnelmensen' in New York, de rebellen in Sierra Leone of de Dinka's in Soedan zijn."

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By Teun Voeten


photoq teun voeten oorlogsfotografie
2015 - 11 One World
Calais: A Humanitarian Disaster Unfolding in Slow Motion

The good, the bad and the ugly in the Jungle, the refugee camp in Calais, that puts the West to shame. An in-depth reportage co-written with video artist Maaike Engels.
Online version Nederlands
PDF version English
narco estado
2012 - 05 Mexico Volkskrant
Een moordvrij weekeinde haalt de voorpagina

De moordcijfers in Juarez zijn in 2012 spectacuair gezakt. Dankzij het effectieve ingrijpen van de overheid, of is er meer aan de hand?
PDF version
2012 - 03 Mexico HighTimes
Art and Death in Culiacan.

Culiacan is the homebase of Mexico’s most powerful Sinaloa cartel. But it also boasts a dynamic group of artists who use oilpaintings and installations to denounce the violence.
PDF version
teun voeten mexico
2011 - 11 Mexico Volkskrant
REPORTAGE: De dood in Mexicaanse kunst

Culiacan is niet enkel de thuisbasis van het oppermachtige Sinaloa kartel. Er is ook een dynamische groep kunstenaars druk bezig om met installaties en olieverf het geweld aan de kaak te stellen.
PDF version
teun voeten honduras goedele
2010 - 07 Honduras Goedele
Moord en Spelen

Reportage uit Honduras over de gangcultuur in San Pedro Sula en Tegucigalpa, tegen de achtergrond van de jaarlijkse Paasprocessie in Comayagua.
PDF version
teun voeten mexico violence
2009 - 11 Mexico Walrus

The first reportage Voeten made about violence and impunity in Juarez for the Canadian magazine The Walrus.
PDF version
teun voeten genocide rwanda
1994 - 04 Kigali DM
De oorlog is begonnen

Teun Voeten found himself pure coincidentally in Kigali as the only journalist present when the genocide in Rwanda started. Here the original dispatches he wrote for the Flemish paper De Morgen.
PDF version
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