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If you want to purchase books and photographics you can take a look here. Your order can be shipped worldwide, and in some cases, even delivered in person.

Feel free to contact teunvoeten@gmail.com with any concern and question. Every order supports Voeten’s work and is highly appreciated and will be handled with personalized care.


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All photos © Teun Voeten / All photos are protected by international copyright law.

Print Shop

Purchasing a Print

Technical details about prints can be confusing, so here is some explanation. Basically, there are several different kind of prints:

Silver Gelatin or Fiber Based prints , (Tirages Argentiques Barytées in French, Barietafdruk in Dutch) are the old fashioned black and white prints - as they have been made for photo lovers, collectors and museums over the last hundred years. It was actually the industry standard before inkjet print technology came around. Silver Gelatin prints are made in the darkroom from negatives by hand. Prints are developed, fixed and than washed for at least an hour and air dried. It is a cumbersome process that can take a day. Every print is unique and might have some imperfections like a speck of dust. Connoisseurs love the warmth, the depth and deep dark tones of the Silver Gelatin print. Since they are made in trays by hand, Silver Gelatin prints are normally not larger than 20 by 24 inch. (50 by 60 cm)

Archival Giclée Pigment prints are at the upper end of digital ink jet prints, using the latest in ink and paper technology. They are made from a digital file, which can be a digital photo or a negative that has been scanned. Archival Giclée prints are guaranteed to stay stable and not fade for at least 150 years. Over the last 10 years, they have become the standard in the art and gallery world. They are normally printed in a limited and numbered edition. Giclée prints can easily printed 40 by 60 inch (100 by 150 cm), even larger, depending on the size of the printer.


Formats, Editions and Prices

Silver Gelatin prints from Teun Voeten are printed in two sizes: 12 by 16 inch (30 by 40 cm) and 16 by 20 inch (40 by 50 cm) Larger prints can be made on special request. The 12/16 prints are made in a limited edition of 35, the 16/20 prints are made in an edition of 15. All prints are hand printed, signed and numbered by the artist. The prices are between 500 and 2500 USD, depending on size and availability. Some images are only for sale through galleries, such as PNDB Gallery in Dallas, TX and Umbrage Gallery in New York. Please contact Teun Voeten for details.

Archival Giclée Pigment prints Archival Giclée are printed in a total signed and numbered edition of 35, and are printed in size 16 by 24 inch (40 by 60 cm). Bigger sizes on request. The Black and White New York Skyscrapers, Cityscapes and Skylines Series have a total edition of 50 but are printed larger, from 20 by 30 inches (50 by 75 cm) up to 40 by 60 inch (100 by 150 cm). The prints are made in the best labs of New York and Europe, under supervision of the artist. All prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Prices are between 400 and 2500 USD.


Shipping and Home Delivery

Add approximately 25 USD for shipping and handling. Some prints are already on stock, others need to be custom made, so please allow a few days till a few weeks for delivery. Orders above 2500 USD can be personally delivered by the artist in the metropolitan area of New York, Boston, Washington DC and Philadelphia or, when in Europe, in the metropolitan area between Brussels, London, Amsterdam and Cologne. Orders above 25.000 USD will be delivered worldwide by the artist himself with no extra charge.


Renting and Leasing

Not sure how work of art will do in your home or office? Are you thinking of buying a complete series? Renting and/or leasing is also a possibility. Typically, yearly rental rates are aprox. 15% of the purchase value.


Payments and Special Orders

Payments can be done in person upon delivery, through PayPal or by international bank transfer. Special orders, extra large sizes, large quantities, everything is possible. Reductions for multiple prints do apply. Installment payments possible. Feel free to contact Teun Voeten with any inquiry you might have.


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Book Store

Purchasing Books

You can order your copy from Tunnel People through Amazon or pick one up at the bigger chains such as Barnes and Nobles or Borders. But may we suggest you support your local independent bookstore and order through them? You can also directly buy at the webstore from the publisher PM Press in Oakland, California. Their site is: www.pmpress.org. To order the book, Click Here


Special Orders

Special orders of Tunnel People such as a large number of books for schools, book reading clubs, homeless organizations and other educational and cultural institutions, can be handled through the publisher PM Press. Don't forget to ask for a special discount.


Signed Copies

Signed and out of print copies can be purchased directly from the author for a special prize. Feel free to email him at teunvoeten@gmail.com


Other Books

Oher books by Teun Voeten can be ordered through your local bookstore. If you have trouble finding a publication, feel free to email the author at teunvoeten@gmail.com


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We do not have automatic forms with tacky shopping carts and paypal buttons because we treat everyone interested as a unique indivudual who deserves customized service...



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