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Long before the term ‘multi media’ was coined, Voeten already combined writing and photography. Sometimes one photo says more than a thousand words. But social, political and historical contexts need to be explained by words.

Besides numerous articles, Voeten wrote two books, one on the underground homeless in New York and one on the war in Sierra Leone. His latest publication is a photo book on the drug violence in Mexico.

Narco Estado (2012)

Tunnel People (2010)

Saddam Mania (2006)

New York New York (2005)

How de Body (2000/2002)

Ticket to (1991)

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How de Body?

One Man's Terrifying Journey Through an African War

By Teun Voeten

Most in the calamities that have captured the headlines in recent months is the civil war that has raged in the tiny Western African nation of Sierra Leone for nearly a decade. In 1998, acclaimed photojournalist Teun Voeten headed to Sierra Leone for what he thought would be a standard assignment on the child soldiers there -- many of whom are only seven years old. No sooner had Voeten arrived, the cease-fire ended, and the battle between peacekeeping forces and the military junta erupted in full force. Taking refuge in the bush from rebels intent on killing him, Voeten was convinced his life was about to end.

How de Body? is Voeten's amazing story of survival and escape in a nation engulfed by civil war and features his award-winning, and heartbreaking, black-and-white photographs -- many of which have appeared in Vanity Fair -- from his multiple trips to this conflicted area.

Originally published 2000 by Meulenhoff Publishers, Amsterdam, Dutch language
ISBN: 90 290 6514 1

English translation published 2002 at St. Martin's Press, New York
Price: $24.95, Cloth
Pages: 288, includes one map and one 16-page b&w photo insert
ISBN: 0 312 28219 2

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Editorial Reviews

"Photojournalist Voeten examines the curious duality of life in a war zone, where he might narrowly escape death in the morning and be offered a shower and a cup of coffee in the afternoon. A heroic portrayal of an overlooked, blood-soaked corner of the world."
--Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

"The author witnesses the horrendous acts of the rebels and their leaders, now protected by the UN forces as official leaders in the negotiated peace settlements. He has written an exciting adventure that educates the West to one of the many wars about which we cannot afford to be indifferent."

"There are few, if any, journalists I admire as much as Voeten. His narrow escape from the rebels in Sierra Leone is one of the most harrowing tales IOve heard in a long time. He writes with compassion and understated dignity about a complicated civil war that had taken thousands of lives and nearly cost him his own. He is the real thing."
--Sebastian Junger, bestselling author of The Perfect Storm

"The enthralling account of a photojournalist's journeys through one of the most terrifying places on earth. Rather than a narrative of despair, however, Teun Voeten has rendered a powerful portrait of the people of Sierra Leone - their extraordinary strength and forgiveness - that leaves the reader both amazed and hopeful at the resiliency of the human spirit."
--Scott Anderson, war correspondent and author of The Man Who Tried to Save the World

"Fluent, reflective, often funny, and always humane, Teun Voeten has given is close-up insights into a horrible war through the prism of his own terrifying experiences."
--Andrew Cockburn, National Geographic writer and author of Out of Ashes: The Resurrection of Saddam Hussein



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